Please join us in prayer‍‍‍

Our help comes from the Lord, and we are committed to go to him in prayer.  Will you join us?

1. That God would continue to provide wisdom and direction in this new year.

2. That God would give us all grateful and giving hearts.

3. That God would give us wisdom to become more effective in equipping our men for the workplace.

4. That we would keep Jesus Christ and the Gospel central in all our efforts.

5. That God would provide for our staffing needs.

6. That God would move powerfully in the lives of our new clients at Toby's Place.

7. Pray that God would continue to raise up mentors for our men in recovery and that we would grow in our ability to encourage and support the mentors we have for long term dedication.

8. That more community homeless would choose real change and enter the recovery program.

9. That God would protect the mission from spiritual attacks.

10. That God would provide and guide in the building of our vocational readiness center.

11. That we would see more of our clients experience spiritual fulfillment and hope in their relationship with God

12. That God bless our relationships with other organizations working to help the homeless.

13. That we would see a higher percentage of our graduates from our program growing in their influence in the community.

14. That the Lord would continue to provide the financial resources for the ongoing operations of the Mission.

15. That God would provide guidance in developing a volunteer ministry for Toby’s Place.

16. That God would continue to bless our Thrift Store.

17. That God would honor the efforts of the Food Service staff as they provide nutritious meals for those in need.

18. That God would bring women to Toby’s Place who desire to change and grow.

19. That the Board of Directors and Staff would deepen in their relationships with God as we focus on prayer at the Mission.

20. Pray for the hearts of the men who come for meals and shelter daily – that they would become open to receive the message they’ve heard many times and have not followed through with.

Thank you for praying!‍‍‍

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