The Problem

The “hidden homeless” epidemic is real, and it’s not just in a “certain part of town.”  Women–with and without children–are the fastest rising demographic of the homeless population, yet our community is largely unaware of the growing need lurking just beyond our perception. Local women’s shelter’s have to turn away 10-20 women and children a day due to lack of facilities and space.  For the women and future faces of our community, the Midlands needs additional shelters and programs that will help women and children escape homelessness now and break the vicious cycle of generational homelessness. Oliver Gospel Mission’s new ministry, Toby’s Place, will help to meet this drastic need now and in the future.

A Vision was born

‍‍‍For over 130‍‍‍‍‍‍ years, Oliver Gospel Mission has provided for the broken and homeless men throughout the Midlands. In 2011, Oliver Gospel Mission saw‍‍‍ a growing need for services in our community for homeless women and homeless women with children.  It was at this point that the vision was born for a new shelter and program to service our community’s “hidden homeless.”

The Vision

Toby’s Place is a safe haven for the “hidden homeless” throughout the Midlands.  Our goal is to employ a holistic approach in helping equip women with life skills needed for responsible living in order to help provide a sustainable life for them and their children. With the help of our generous community, Oliver Gospel Mission has built and is operating this new center with an emphasis on transforming lives empowered by the gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping women with the skills to maintain stable, secure employment and housing.  Women have the opportunity to meet with professional licensed counselors, attend life skill classes, and learn job skills to get them back in the work force. Our goal is to break the generational homeless cycle for the homeless women and homeless women with children who will walk through the doors of Toby’s Place

Please prayerfully consider how yo‍‍‍u will partner with us to break the generational cycle of homelessness in our community.

Did you know 6500 Families are on the waiting list for housing in Richland County?‍‍‍

Did you know the typical homeless family consists of a single mother with 2 children?

Did you know more than 11,072 of SC’s children experience homelessness each year?‍‍‍

Did you know among homeless women, 60% have children under 18?

All statistics taken from The National Center on Family Homelessness

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